Well, our winter rest is coming to an end again, we start work next month but before that we have got spring training and other various training and commitments, so I am sitting in the sewing room finishing the last of the projects I set myself. When I finish today, I will put the embroidery machine to bed until October… so sad…

Never mind there is so much to look forward to in the coming weeks. We are going to Brighton on Wednesday (my home town or home city as it is now)… primarily for Mike to do some training, and for me to catch up with family and friends alike. It’ll be the last time I will see them until we return home at the end of the season. Unless, they can get down to visit us in Pembrokeshire.

However, back to the sewing room, I’ve just finished a set of 4 place mats. I purchased these from Wilko £4 for 4 and they are soft enough for the embroidery machine to cope with easily.

I am pretty pleased with the results and will take them with me to use in the awning or in Vera when we go away.

The finished fruit mats

We had some friends coming to stay so I thought I would embroider a couple of hand towels to look pretty in their bathroom.

Pretty Hand Towel

The next item was for my son and his partner. I saw the material and fell in love with it but didn’t have any idea what to do with it. They have a French Bulldog which is named Jax. All the words on the cushion are relevant to them and their lives. When I gave it to them in Brighton they were over the moon and loved it. … Phew… Thank Heavens as it took ages to design, 8 different coloured threads and about 85,000 stitches in total……!

Well that was it for the sewing room, boo hoo… time to put away the sewing machine until October. But I will working throughout the year on some new ideas to sew. I would really love to learn dressmaking and upcycling old clothes with new embroidery and designs. So that is on my to do list.


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