Gingerbread, Operation and UFO’s

Firstly, let me apologise for not posting anything since before Christmas. Obviously, the festive season got in the way of all things blogging and we’ve been busy doing other things… family, friends, Christmas etc, etc. I hope you all had a good one and that all your Christmas lists were fulfilled. We had a great time with the grandchildren. Little Jack (now a grown-up 3 years old) is old enough now to get involved in all we do. It has become tradition that we bake a gingerbread house each year from scratch and all the children come and help decorate it. It then stands proudly on the dining room table until Boxing Day when all the kids smash it to smithereens. They eat all the chocolates and sweets, go mad for about 15-20mins as the raging ‘E’ numbers take hold and then we let them go home with the parents…. he he he!!!!

This was last years’ effort, which stood about 30″ tall.

This year we thought we might try something a little different from a building…. not necessarily our brightest idea but we persevered. We found some clip art of a sleigh on the internet and printed it off at a size we thought not too large and worked out how to put it together (Mike’s good at that as he was an aircraft engineer). Then settled down to work out the amount of gingerbread we would need. After 2 attempts and a lot of huffing and puffing ( a good tip is not to make all the gingerbread dough in one batch and to roll it out and bake asap) here is the result.


Don’t they look little angels? (Butter wouldn’t melt)…


Poor Vera had to go back to the dealership where we had purchased her for some bits and pieces that were not quite right with her, so we left her there over Christmas. Finally after a lot of phoning back and forth she was finally ready for collection on the 2nd week in January.

Christmas and New Year festivities over, and may I be the last to wish you all a Happy New Year (I know it’s 1st February but I was waiting for Chinese New Year… cough cough….). I had to go into hospital for an operation on my hand. This also prevented me from blogging so another excuse.

2 weeks later they took the stitches out and I was able to drive again, and I decided that I would finish all (or most) of the projects and crafts that I’d started over the year. First on the list was the 70th Birthday Party video show which I had promised My Bestest Ever Cousin In The Whole Wide World (Thereafter known as MBECITWWW) Gini. So that finished and sent. Next on the to finish list was to embroider some towels and pillowcases. I had got some patterns which I wanted to manipulate and alter for my purposes. I use a Husqvarna Viking Machine (Designer Topaz) and have found it to be excellent for quality and ease. it does everything I want and to alter designs or create the designs I use 5D software. I am also a great fan of emblibrary for the designs.

Next came a show for our best friends wedding who got married in 2015 arghhh… but I haven’t had the inspiration to do it until now. So having spent the last month creating this show it is now finished and waiting to be taken to Brighton to give it to them as a belated Christmas present. I am really happy with the way it turned out and hope they enjoy it. I will let you know. I have been making shows as a hobby since 2006 and use a software program called Proshow Producer from Photodex.  It is terrific, very user friendly and I find that I have more creative control than other programs. You can download a free trial here.

Finally, on the UFO front (UnFinished Objects), I finished a sampler crochet blanket which I started during last season when we were on site working at St David’s. I will post a photo here soon as it is so warm I popped it in Vera as we are going out in her.

Well, there you are all the UFO’s are finished and I feel really smug being able to sit back and begin to plan new crafts for the coming season. So watch this space…..

Cheerio for now, I’m off for a wee nap as I’m shattered writing all this…. zzzzzzzz


One Comment Add yours

  1. Anne T Hardy says:

    Morning Q.B.!

    Good to read of your adventures but I am exhausted… you ever stay still? You really are a busy bee!!

    Pleased to read that Vera is back with you both where she belongs. Does she know she’ll be heading west again next month? Can’t believe that it really is March next month; L.M. time;Hooray!

    Keep posting your blogs; always good reading!

    Time for you to look forward to meeting up with Florence and the Machine; for sure you’ll have a great get-together, that’s a certainty!

    Love from way out west in Freshwater where the winds are now reaching gale force…..just like St. David’s!!



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