Time to Jazz Up Vera

We’ve been thinking for some time that Vera needs a makeover. We have had her since April 2016 and although we loved the interior when we first bought her, we have noticed that she is a little tired and would benefit from a little remodelling.

I have in my mind colour combinations which is totally different from the dark maroons that are in Vera at the moment.

So we woke up this morning to a bright sunny day, and drove up to Ilkeston to Regal Furnishings, they came highly recommended. We met with the manager who put us at ease straight away and led us upstairs where there were dozens of racks of materials to choose from.

The choice was almost overwhelming but we stuck to our original colour plan and decided just to look for the blues. I wanted to have a mixture of pattern and plain. Although we couldn’t find the exact colour match we did find a combination of leather and material.

We have brought back some samples and we will check it out against her next week. I think that Vera will look rather glamorous when she has her makeover.


vera mood board.jpg
Vera’s Mood Board


I’m not sure whether we will get time to get this done before we start back at work so it may have to be scheduled for the end of the year. Well watch this space as they say…

We came back through Ilkeston, not a place we’d ever visited but we might one day come back as there seems to be a nice canal walk through there. I say might but you know what it’s like….


Came home and started work on a sewing project. Which I will post online over the weekend. Have a great weekend everyone.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Look forward to seeing Vera after her makeover, whenever that may be! Like the choice of blues for her. Hope you and Mike will be in co-ordinated clothes too; no clashing of colours allowed!


  2. It looks as though we may not be able to have her ‘done’ until end of the season as they cannot get the material until March when of course we will be away. But we shall look forward to having her made-over later in time for Christmas… Arghhhh…


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