Last Week at Home

Well, its finally here, our last week at home before going back to work for the season. Storm Doris has passed and we were lucky that we were able to stay indoors and not venture out. Apart from putting out the dustbins which subsequently flew down the road spilling all the contents everywhere.

The whole road where we live looked like a land fill dump, almost every bin was caught by the wind and we spent about an hour outside picking up bins and putting rubbish back into them. However, we were onto a losing battle and gave up in the end.

This morning when we woke the storm had passed and so had all the rubbish, I have no idea where it all went, but its gone…..  I hope that you were all safe and no damage occurred to your property or yourselves.

We took Vera for her MOT, service and habitation checks this morning and had to be in Derby by 8:30am. phew… not used to early mornings at the moment. But will have to use this as a practise. We are hoping that there will be nothing to do except put tyres on her. Watch this space.

The rest of the day has been spent finishing a UFO (UnFinished Object). I am very pleased with it. Although it has taken some time I was fed up looking at it thinking I must finish it.


Cross Stitch –  pattern from Told in The Garden

Just sitting down this afternoon when Ding Dong the door bell rang. I answered the door and received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our very good friends who came to stay with us before we went to Spring Training in Nottingham earlier this week.


Thank you Kaye and Steve – How lucky are we…





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