Children’s Christmas Service

Apologies but this was found in my drafts folder, apparently I’d forgotten to save and publish it before Christmas D’oh!!!!

Oh how lucky are we to be Grandparents and get invited to Harry’s School Christmas Service at the local Church.

Standing room only by the time we got there and that was 20 mins before we were due… But how proud and delighted were we when the kids came marching in resplendent in their Christmas Jumpers or Hats. All looking for their own parent or grandparent and then their faces lighting up as they catch glimpse. Harry came in with his Christmas Santa Hat, he looked around expectantly then saw us waving enthusiastically, his eyes rolled. ha ha!..

The church was filled to bursting and the noise grew to a crescendo before the Head Mistress called for quiet (oh the power!). The church fell silent except for the few babies in the audience. The Reverend gave the welcome and the service began.

How good were the foundation stage children singing “When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney”. Then it was time for Harry’s Class to recite “T’was The Night Before Christmas” and there was I standing in the crowd mouthing the poem having learnt it as a child myself and reading it to all the grandchildren each Christmas (it’s a family tradition thing…).

The whole school then sang “It’s a Magical Time”, “Unto Us a Child is Born” and “Away in a Manger”. Time then for the Foundation Stage to carry out their acting debuts as they performed the Nativity Play, I particularly liked the Donkey, who seemed to sing the loudest and stood about 3 foot above all the other children. Mary cried as Joseph wacked her instead of putting arm around her and she dropped baby Jesus, but he was OK because she picked up the doll by the hair and cuddled him again. They all sang “No Room At The Inn” It was a fantastic play and the adults applauded loudly.

I think the best bit was “Rock Around the Shops”, there was a little girl in Harry’s class with pigtails who was so energetic and will obviously be on Strictly one day. She was swinging her head and dancing in the pews to the song. Fantastic.

I loved the words too, check these out….


Rock Around The Shops


The time finally came when the service was over and everyone (children and adults together) belted out to the classic Christmas Slade Anthem “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” The Church roof was almost lifted with the noise.

Oh how I wish you could keep a snapshot of time and bottle it cos yesterday was one of those moments…




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