Dashing for Dartmouth

We finally and sadly left Cornwall today, leaving behind memories of  Poldark and the fantastic scenery (spookily, Poldark series came to an end too last night on TV, what am I going to watch now on Sunday night’s until next series?). We  made our way along the coast to Devon for our next stop for 3 nights at Hillhead Caravan Club Site, Brixham.

The sun was still shining when we arrived so we hurriedly caught the bus right outside the site and made our way down to Kingswear, where we caught the tiny ferry to Dartmouth.


Kingswear Lower Ferry

Now when I say ferry please don’t imagine a large boat transporting vehicles and passengers alike in comfort across the River Dart… this ferry is basically a floating platform tied by rope to a tug boat which turns around according to which direction you are going. It is great fun though. The ferry has been transporting passengers and vehicles between Dartmouth and Kingswear since the 1700’s.



Enjoying Life Onboard….


We walked along the river frontage on the Dartmouth side and watched the boats (pleasure and fishing), going in and out of the sailing yachts.

We strolled around the town, popping into the old fashioned sweetie shop and buying a quarter (or 100g) of rhubarb and custard bons bons. We drooled over the Henry Llloyd Waterproof Jackets at £350 and laughed at a pair of jeans in one shop selling at £244 with designer rips in the knees. Heck, I could make pairs of these,and sell in Arkwrights Emporium next year…


We wandered around the gardens and viewed the Thomas Newcomen Engine which was the first successful steam engine, to be used for pumping water out of coal mines.

‘Cup of Tea?’ Mike said spying the Station Restaurant. Inside, the place is decorated with everything nautical!… nothing to do with stations or railways. According to the information on the back of the menu, The Dartmouth railway station was a railway station that served Dartmouth in the English county of Devon but was never served by trains – only the Dartmouth Passenger Ferry from Kingswear railway station on the opposite bank of the River Dart.


The Station that has never served a train.. just tea…


It was getting cold once we came out again from the Station Restaurant, as the sun was going down, so we decided it was time to catch the wee ferry back across the River and catch the bus back to the camp site.

The return journey was equally pleasurable if a little colder, but we settled back at site for a nice supper of beef in ale (in the slow cooker), perfect….




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